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Introducing the latest innovation from Ingenious Edibles - powdered concentrated flavourings that will elevate your baked goods to the next level! Our unique formulation of high-quality ingredients allows you to add a burst of flavour to your icing sugar with just a small amount of our concentrated flavouring.


Whether you're a professional baker or a home cook, our flavourings are the perfect way to enhance the taste of your desserts and create showstopping treats. Get ready to experience the ultimate flavour boost with Ingenious Edibles' concentrated icing sugar flavouring!

Simple to use!

Start by sifting 1kg of plain icing sugar of your choice into a mixing bowl. Next, add the entire sachet of our flavouring and stir until the mixture is thoroughly combined.


Congratulations, you now have a batch of deliciously flavoured icing sugar ready to use in your creations!


To make buttercream, simply follow your usual recipe using the combined icing sugar in place of regular icing sugar. 


Ingenious, don't you think?


Pssst... for best results when baking, we recommend adding the sachet to the icing sugar and placing in a zip lock bag. Allow 24 hours for the magic to happen - your icing sugar will have fully infused and be ready to transform your bakes!


Our Story

Ingenious Edibles is on a mission to solve your baking problems, one “lightbulb moment” at a time! 


Our team of Ingenious experts delights in finding solutions for your most common cakey quandaries.


Designed here in the UK, all of our products are made from the finest grade of ingredients. We believe that there is a solution to every stumbling block just waiting to be found. Brightening your buttercreams and intensifying your flavours is just the beginning! 

Baker with Croissant

"I used the salted caramel sachet to make buttercream for my daughter's birthday cake - it was a massive hit with everyone who tried it! A new must have. "

Ingenious Edibles Concentrated Flavours

Karen Carson

"This product is amazing! Whitens buttercream perfectly without altering the taste at all!"

Ingenious Edibles Whitener

Joanne Collins

"I’ve stocked up and bought enough to get me through wedding season! Good value for money and very effective."

Ingenious Edibles Whitener

Mrs McGowan

"First time buying this and loved it, you don't need to use very much and its tasteless - will definitely buy again!"

Ingenious Edibles Whitener

Lynette McKeown

"I’ve been trying so hard to get white buttercream and this is perfect! "

Ingenious Edibles Whitener

Amazon Customer

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